[rc5] PPro speed increase?

root marcus at dfwmm.net
Mon Jun 30 17:59:54 EDT 1997

Benedikt Eric Heinen wrote:
> >   With the V1 linux-elf clients on my PPro150 I managed to get ~245.000
> > keys/sec, and now I tried the V2 linux-elf-PPro clients - and those yield
> > 1.290.000 keys/sec (i.e. a 426% increase).
> Aehm, I don't know why, but the speed fell after the first two blocks:
>                         206.781 seconds. [1298161.57 keys/sec]
>                         198.651 seconds. [1351290.41 keys/sec]
>                         664.921 seconds. [403710.60 keys/sec]

Perhaps you were working on previously-partially-completed key blocks?
IOW, you ran the client, it completed 1 block, got halfway or three
quarters through the second and then you stopped it. After flushing
one completed block, and fetching one block, you started the client
again and let it run until it was about three quarters of the way
through and then interrutped it again. Later, you started it up
again on block 1 that is 75% complete and it finished quickly with
a speed of 1.2M, the second block which was left in a similar state
then ran and finished quickly. Next the third(completely raw) block
took the "normal" amount of time to complete...

The best key rate that I've ever seen by pulling this trick is about
3.2Mkeys/sec. Just let it run until 96% complete. Stop it, re-start
it and BINGO! Godzilla size keyrates.
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