[rc5] Platforms supported by new clients

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Tue May 27 20:26:45 EDT 1997

At 09:42 PM 5/27/97 -0400, Fedor Kouranov wrote:
>Jeff, could you please tell which platforms are going to be
>supported by the new release (e.g. this week), and which will
>have to wait for porting. In particular, I'd like to know when
>a new OS/2 client will be available.

All platforms directly derived from the UNIX source will have new clients
released.  This includes OS/2, Linux, HP/UX, Solaris, Win32 cmdline, etc.

The Macintosh version is not directly derived from the UNIX source anymore,
but we have an independent person currently working on that version.

The Win32 GUI version is also not directly based on the UNIX source, but I
will be working to try and release it at the same time as the UNIX ones.

Please note that we have today just made some *very* large negotiations in
regards to the contest and the clients.  We are trying to continue to bring
out the clients on our originally proposed date of this weekend, but it may
be pushing things considering all of the additional source we are getting
that we will need to merge in.

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