[rc5] keyspace flaw

James Howard jbh at pgp.com
Thu May 29 03:28:32 EDT 1997

it stands to reason that RSA selected keys that will fall at
or beyond the 50% threshold of the keyspace.  has any thought
been given to modify the servers to randomly select key ranges
throughout the entire keyspace?

if they re-ran the key generation process until they got a key
that occurred at say, the 95% level, we're wasting our time 
slogging through in a brute force fashion.  random chance in
this circumstance is greater than the chance of getting it 
through a linear progression starting at 0.

yes, i understand that writing such a server would be a 
monumental bitch and would require tons of storage space 
to keep track of the random "already searched" ranges, but
it would probably result in a faster key solution.

i've got a hunch that if the key would be found in the 
first 1% of the keyspace, RSA would throw it out.


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