[rc5] The Situation

Tristan Horn tristan at ethereal.net
Thu May 29 02:53:37 EDT 1997

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Al Sutton wrote:
> I've just noticed that both the primary and secondary Nameservers are in
> the same place, should we not look at setting up an off-site secondary
> name server so that we can avoid problems like this?

There are now 5 physical sites acting as distributed.net secondaries, I
believe.  I can't verify this because InterNIC is off the net, and it
looks like Duncan forgot to add the NS records to the distributed.net zone

root at pj.camel/1:48am# nslookup -q=ns distributed.net.                         ~
Server:  camel.ethereal.net

distributed.net nameserver = ns1.distributed.net
distributed.net nameserver = ns2.distributed.net
ns1.distributed.net     internet address =
ns2.distributed.net     internet address =


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