[rc5] keyspace flaw

Benedikt Eric Heinen beh at icemark.ch
Thu May 29 14:40:40 EDT 1997

> You also have to remember that the 1.5% is spread out among the blocks
> distributed.  Not all clients report back.
Still, I suppose, the server knows whichi blocks weren't answered and will
reuse those later.

Also, I don't think that another effort is that improbable. 
Basically, the 'danger' of another one coming up will rise by the time,
the personal proxies become widely available.

Especially, I guess that some people here would really like to pocket the
US$1000 for finding the key, but if someone went to them and told them "If
you join my effort you could be earning US$5000 instead of 'only'
US$1000 at the bovine effort"  (with the other guy coordinating the effort
taking the other US$5000  "Sorry, no cash for Project Gutenberg"), then
that may convert quite a few people. 
Personally I'm happy with staying at bovine, I think supporting Project
Gutenberg is a good idea, and I'm basically happy with the pay I have...
[You might later quote me on that one -- if my machine should find the
key, my part of the money goes to Gutenberg as well].

I think that trying to appeal to people's greed would really have a strong
impact... Please - do not start an issue about people's greed here, I am
not pointing my finger at someone, I'm just trying to point out, that this
could lead to people leaving bovine, and therefore make more competition
in that area more probable.



          Hiroshima '45           Chernobyl '86           Windows '95

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