[rc5] Why do my hosts appear dead?

Corin Anderson corin at cs.washington.edu
Thu May 29 09:11:53 EDT 1997

I'm running the rc5 client on 8 PPros at the University of Washington
(cs.washington.edu domain).  I've had little trouble for the past about 3
weeks, but something happened last night.  When I query for
cs.washington.edu, I find that my machines have cracked about 19400 key
blocks.  But when I get the 3rd-level domain statistics, cs.washington.edu
is listed about 40th, having cracked only 12000 blocks.

What gives?  Yesterday, my domain was ranked about 27th having cracked
18000 blocks.  Why did my rank and block list decrease?

Corey Anderson
corin at cs.washington.edu

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