[rc5] keyspace flaw

Benedikt Eric Heinen beh at icemark.ch
Thu May 29 18:32:30 EDT 1997

> I'm not aware of the existence of any other ones.  that doen'st mean they 
> don't exist, but any potential compeating group is unlikely to have as 
> much power as the umich group has got for instrance.  so I think we are 
> safe to assume they don't exist.

When I was referring to someone trying to lure people away from bovine, I
wasn't referring to any university team, as those are also likely
candidates to support Gutenberg - but what about any private parties?

One fact is, that using random blocks doesn't reduce our chances of
finding the key. Correct?

Another fact is, that by using the sequential approach we will be making
it easier for those trying to compete with us, to see which blocks are
already checked (By just assuming, that *most* blocks below the current
block are checked). So for those parties it's not worth while checking
those blocks again, as they know most of those blocks are blanks anyway...



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