[rc5] NT service ?

Friedemann Baitinger baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de
Thu May 29 23:12:06 EDT 1997

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Jeff Lawson wrote:

> I expect to put up a page announcing the buffering UNIX personal proxy
> sometime this evening if I don't decide to make any more changes to the
> code, otherwise it'll come out the next day.  It'll be made available in
> binary form on a "by request" method (probably just by html form initially)
> to ensure that clueless people aren't downloading and using it unnecessarily.

I noticed the page is there, however, although you have two different 
versions for FreeBSD, I haven't seen any for intel x86 Linux. When will
the x86-Linux version be available?

Friedemann Baitinger           baiti at herrenberg.netsurf.de

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