[rc5] A possibly stupid idea

Chris Carlin volkris at cryogen.com
Thu May 29 21:48:20 EDT 1997

I was just wondering about the possibility of someone writing an
operating system specifically to search through these keys. This would
(?) increase the efficiency of the searches and allow them to run better
on 286s and other low level computers.

I admit I know very little about how easy/worthwile something like this
would be, I just wanted to throw the idea out on the floor.

I guess at the least it would only need to be able to go through an
assigned keyspace and then output results. You don't even need a packet
driver; floppy disks could be used to transport the data to another
computer that could then transmit up to the server. Then the newly
assigned keyspace could be put back on the disk and put back to the pc.

Actually, it'd be probrally even easier to just have a place to input
the newly assigned block's starting location. This could be managed via
a program running on another PC that's able to connect to the servers.
It'd just need to request blocks and update the servers on the status of
already assigned ones.

I own two computers here: a 90 mhz Pentium and a 16 mhz i386. The 386 is
basically sitting around collecting dust because I really have no use
for it now. I was thinking about the possibility of letting it help
break the code (every cycle helps, right?). Since that would be the only
thing it would be doing, it makes since (to me) that it be specialised
for just that.


Chris Carlin

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