[rc5] A possibly stupid idea

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Thu May 29 15:45:27 EDT 1997

At 08:48 PM 5/29/97 +0100, Chris Carlin wrote:
>I was just wondering about the possibility of someone writing an
>operating system specifically to search through these keys. This would
>(?) increase the efficiency of the searches and allow them to run better
>on 286s and other low level computers.

On 286 processors and earlier, there are no 32-bit registers, which means
that things would slow down *significantly*, not including the fact that
those chips are slower doing everything else anyways.  Once the new clients
come out this weekend or early next week, we will *consider* making DOS
binaries for 386 and pre 386 machines.

>I guess at the least it would only need to be able to go through an
>assigned keyspace and then output results. You don't even need a packet
>driver; floppy disks could be used to transport the data to another
>computer that could then transmit up to the server. Then the newly
>assigned keyspace could be put back on the disk and put back to the pc.

The new client will allow for the possibility of strictly disk-based
machines to work on keyblocks.

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