[rc5] Reissue keys on personal proxy?

Thomas A. Gunter tag at mail.utexas.edu
Thu May 29 18:04:40 EDT 1997

I have no idea how easy or hard it would be to implement, but I'd like to
be able to configure the personal proxy server to reissue a key IF AND ONLY
IF a request for a new key comes from an IP address that requested a key
but did not return result a result (that is, two requests without a result
between them).

For example, from the logfile:

date time1--Client at requesting key block.
date time2--Client at has completed checking a key block.
date time3--Client at requesting key block.
date time4--Client at requesting key block.      <-- this one

I want this so if I have to reboot a machine before it's done I don't skip
that key.  I don't care if the same key is reissued to that machine, but
that would probably be the best way to handle it.

Can a devoloper of the personal proxy comment on the possbility?


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