[rc5] US laws?

Henry W Miller mill0440 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Thu May 29 19:56:49 EDT 1997

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Jesper Tragardh wrote:

> I couldn't really get a straight answer on this on the irc-channel:

And I can't give you a straight answer either.

> Are the rc5-clients subject to US laws on export of strong cryptography?
> I see that there are computers in Europe working so either there has
> been "a workaround" (like: "it's really developed in Monaco" :-) ) or we
> just don't care. What happens if a non-US client cracks the key. Will
> the challenge fall anyway because of US laws.

Assuming it is illegal to export the clients, which I doupt, if somehow a 
non-us person gets a hold of either the clients OR the knowlege of how to 
rc5 works (and thereby enough to program their own clients) it is leagle 
to import these foreign clients back into the US.  Further If a foreign 
person breaks the key, they can still claim the money.  These laws affect 
encryption that is going over seas, not encryption that somehow exists 

A weak point of US law is you foreigners are creative enough to build 
your own encryption if you can't use ours.  

BTW, all US citicians shoudl read the bill of rights, in particular the 
first and fourth amendment.  (the fourth specificly gives you the rights 
to encrypt anything you want to)   

I personally will argue in any court of law that my posting of clinets to 
my web page was done under the protection of the first ammendment.  Does 
anyone know of a country that I can applie for (before I need it) 
political asslim should a court in this country refuse to agree.  I 
Hereby state that should a court of law find I do not have a right to 
post programs related to RC5 in a public forumn avaibal to people of all 
nations, then I reject my citicenship of the United States.
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