[rc5] key reuse (was: Re: keyspace flaw)

Tristan Horn tristan at ethereal.net
Thu May 29 19:23:56 EDT 1997

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Benedikt Eric Heinen wrote:
>   -  I assume, that key blocks do get reused, but will that be only when
>      we finished the whole keyspace without finding the right key?


>   -  Are there any stats as to how many blocks have been given out, and
>      how many of those have been answered (or better, how many of those
>      are still unanswered)?

Nope, but it does say on the "executive summary" page how many blocks
have been answered.  If Jeff will tell you what block we started at, you
can calculate how many have gone unanswered.  The remember that
zero.genx.net's Java applet showed this...


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