[rc5] A possibly stupid idea

Chris Carlin volkris at cryogen.com
Fri May 30 04:51:55 EDT 1997

Marc Sissom wrote:

> Honestly; don't get me wrong here, but if your goal is to find the
> key ASAP, then you would probably be better off spending the time
> that you would dedicate to writing this code at a revenue generating
> job. Then apply the income generated towards the purchase of a

At the risk of carrying on a dead topic, you are forgetting something.
You only have to write an OS once, not every time you get a new machine.
Consider this: a school board here recently GAVE AWAY 700 i386s. About
300 didn't
get claimed and ended up in the trash (I didn't hear about this untill
it was too
late). Anyway, if you were to write the OS and install it on 300 i386s,
I think you
would surpass the amount of a gain you would get by buying one powerful

Not only that, but the OS could then be distributed to other people
(some of whom
might tweak it to make it better) who would use it on their old, useless

The more computers you get using the OS, the more of a gain you would
get over just
buying one powerful system with the money you got from working instead.
Plus, you 
would gain a bit of experiance and build a little character :)

Chris Carlin

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