[rc5] (not) A possibly stupid idea

Matt J. Gumbley csa49 at keele.ac.uk
Fri May 30 13:38:28 EDT 1997

At 17:43 29/05/97 -0500, Marc Sissom wrote:
>>Now if someone out there has access to a wafer fab plant, and could whip up
>>a custom processor...
>Don't tell anyone, but we are just looking into the possibility of
>building a prototype board using an FPGA(or two or three) to do the
>intense bit manipulation stuff...The CPU would ideally just write and
>read words to/from the FPGAs.

You may find the research done at Oxford Parallel of interest:
The HARP was also mentioned in a recent issue of "Transputer
Communications" (can't remember which issue).

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