[rc5] A possibly stupid idea

Torren Craigie-Manson yp at bc.sympatico.ca
Fri May 30 09:07:42 EDT 1997

>> Honestly; don't get me wrong here, but if your goal is to find the
>> key ASAP, then you would probably be better off spending the time
>> that you would dedicate to writing this code at a revenue generating
>> job. Then apply the income generated towards the purchase of a

>At the risk of carrying on a dead topic, you are forgetting something.
>You only have to write an OS once, not every time you get a new machine.
>Consider this: a school board here recently GAVE AWAY 700 i386s. About
>300 didn't get claimed and ended up in the trash (I didn't hear about this
Well, next time send them my way.  Our school district only has about 700
machines total, and most are sub-386s, with a few pentiums in the mix.  The
high school kids are really thrilled to use 8086 machines...

>late). Anyway, if you were to write the OS and install it on 300 i386s,
>I think you would surpass the amount of a gain you would get by buying one
Fine, but do you have the physical space for 300 boxes, plus a small nuclear
power plant to give them enough juice?  Older boxes suck up huge amounts of
electrons, esp. if they have disk drives that just spin forever.  Let's not
forget the air conditioner (or very powerful fan) you'd need to keep the
room somewhat cool).  And were you going to network them, or talk to the
school and arrange for students in detention to do sneakernet for you? YUCK!!

>The more computers you get using the OS, the more of a gain you would
>get over just buying one powerful system with the money you got from
working instead.
Yeah, but judging from some 386 linux boxes, which are very optimised for
this, the gain just isn't worth it.  If I can get a ppro200, overclock it to
233, run windoze or linux on it, use it for my daily stuff, and still get
about 1 key in 20 or so minutes, that far and away beats the 30 or so 386
boxes that I would need, running a single purpose dedicated OS.

>Plus, you would gain a bit of experiance and build a little character :)
True, but I can think of many less painful way to gain experience and build
character.  Why, when I was in the army, we'd... oh, never mind!

Point is, right now we get a far higher keyrate from high and medium end
machines, than we can from low end machines, with less effort/grief, and
fewer machines.

Torren Craigie-Manson
yp at bc.sympatico.ca

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