[rc5] A possibly stupid idea

Henry W Miller mill0440 at gold.tc.umn.edu
Fri May 30 11:38:46 EDT 1997

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Chris Carlin wrote:

> Marc Sissom wrote:
> > Honestly; don't get me wrong here, but if your goal is to find the
> > key ASAP, then you would probably be better off spending the time
> > that you would dedicate to writing this code at a revenue generating
> > job. Then apply the income generated towards the purchase of a
> <snip>
> At the risk of carrying on a dead topic, you are forgetting something.
> You only have to write an OS once, not every time you get a new machine.
> Consider this: a school board here recently GAVE AWAY 700 i386s. About
> 300 didn't
> get claimed and ended up in the trash (I didn't hear about this untill
> it was too
> late). Anyway, if you were to write the OS and install it on 300 i386s,
> I think you
> would surpass the amount of a gain you would get by buying one powerful
> system.

My 386 (which was serving as my fileserver and internet gateway, so it 
was always on before this contest anyway) takes about 600 mintues to do a 
keyblock.  a ppc can do a block in 10 minteus.  so assume that one ppc 
replaces 60 386s.  (these number are all very round, but they are close 
enough) Now figgure that each 386 eill cost 5 a month for electrisity, 
and 30 months (just under 3 years) to find the key.  that is 150 each, or 
$9300 for electrisity to run all of them.  A PPC costs $6000 (probably 
loaded with more then you need) plus $150 in electrisity.  
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