[rc5] A possibly stupid idea

Dave Smith admin at quantum.foobar.co.uk
Fri May 30 14:38:48 EDT 1997

Hi All,

>         total           $385-825
> How many hours does it take you to make this much money? How many
> hours for an optimized piece of special code?
> Since you've got a P90, you might just dump it, and spend the $350
> you just made at you part-time job on a 6x86/P200 with a new mb and
> boost your key rate by a factor of three (my 6x86 does 160Kk/sec at
> 133Mhz, a P133 does 120Kk/sec using the "stock" Bovine or TimC code).

One of my machines is a Pentium Pro 150, clocked to 180mhz. This cost me
320quid [thats english sterling] [480ish dollars?]. This will do a
sustained 300,500 keys a sec. If you can still get hold of them they are an
absolute bargain.

Oh BTW.... that 320quid also included a motherboard (as well as the cpu).

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