[rc5] US laws?

Michael Bruck micha at tecnet.de
Sat May 31 15:42:59 EDT 1997

> I can't offer anything more official than my 2 cents...
> The clients that are distributed are only useful for attempting to
> decrypt one specific message.  They are useless for secure
> communications since there is no 'encryption' routine.  The
> decryption code is virtually identical to that distributed on the RSA
> ftp site as an appendix to the Rivest paper (which does include
> encryption code).  I doubt it would be there if it wasn't permitted.
> Tim Charron

This appendix has been removed. (At least in the version I have.)
RC5REF.C has been removed from the electronic version for compliance
with export restrictions. For further information, send E-mail to
rc5-info at rsa.com."

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