[rc5] no connection

Jeff Lawson jlawson at hmc.edu
Sat May 31 19:42:36 EDT 1997

At 03:38 AM 6/1/97 +0200, Michael Bruck wrote:
>Am I the only one who has problems to get new blocks from
>the proxies? Are there any restrictions? I can ping these
>machines but I can't get keys. I've tried to set up a proxy
>with the same result: For over 10 hours no connection. The
>"Last seen"-entry in the host list always shows several 
>hours. (currently 12.3 hrs)

We are experiencing no difficulties, so any problems you're encountering
are on your end.  Please ensure that if you are running a personal UNIX
proxy that you are running the new version that was released today.

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