[rc5] keyspace flaw

Fedor Kouranov ted99 at ibm.net
Thu May 29 15:41:25 EDT 1997

On 05/29/97 jmanning at raleigh.ibm.com said:

>Hell, if there's another effort, I'd love to tell them to start at 0xFF...
>and work down :)  otherwise, starting just ahead of us and going forward
>puts them in a race with us, something that really doesn't benefit them
>considering the speed currently going into the bovine effort.

Very correct. I'd put it simpler: let them do the 0x70... and up, and we'll see who does half of keyspace first. Certainly, it will become a larger-scale lottery, because the winning team will be not the quickest, but the one that has the key in the keyspace. OTOH, we all play this kind of lottery.

And also, concerning the people organizing their own 'meaner' efforts. I think Jeff should copyright the clients and proxies, and prohibit using of his code outside of the rc5.distributed.net effort. I did not see a copyright notice anywhere. If someone steals our victory, we can challenge the winner to show a working cracker and send the penalty to Gutenberg ;-)

Now, two questions. DESCHALL guys seem to get done within 11 weeks. Has anyone tried to negotiate with them about transferring their resources to us after they have their champagne?

And, yeah, is anyone on this list affected by my line lengths? I can turn on the wrapping, but I dislike it.

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