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Jared McIntyre jmcintyre at DEPAUW.EDU
Sun Nov 30 17:15:04 EST 1997

>Richard Freeman <rfreeman at netaxs.com> wrote:
>>I do agree that 1GHz will probably come around soon though - 98 might be
>>pushing it though...
>Not really - IBM has publically demonstrated 1.1GHz PPC chips...

I don't know when they will be put to market, but IBM has, and will be
showing at the chip developers convention in february, the 1.1ghz G4, which
is reported to be a 64 bit chip  that contains either one or two processors
on each chip (whether each processor is 1.1ghz I don't know).

At the same convention, Intel is reported to be showing an Alpha that runs
(I think) 660mhz. I know that it was no where near 1ghz.


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