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Jared McIntyre jmcintyre at DEPAUW.EDU
Sun Nov 30 23:00:36 EST 1997

>> >Not really - IBM has publically demonstrated 1.1GHz PPC chips...
>> I don't know when they will be put to market, but IBM has, and will be
>> showing at the chip developers convention in february, the 1.1ghz G4, which
>> is reported to be a 64 bit chip  that contains either one or two processors
>> on each chip (whether each processor is 1.1ghz I don't know).
>When you hit microwave levels, chips become a whole different ballgame...
>~1ghz outside of the lab may take a lot more effort than a lab prototype.
>I can almost hear the FCC guys chuckling ;-)

more info on the G4, it is .15 microns. For those who think that this will
melt the chip, I doubt it, the G3 at 350mhz uses 1/3 the energy and is
about half as cool as the equivalent 604e. the hip also happens to be this
|        |
|   G3   |
|        |
|        |
Apparently the same technology is going into the G4's. The problem they
have had isn't heat but is with the cahce that is shared among the internal
processors (This isn't like the 300mhz pentium that was shown last year at
the show that was secretly in a freezer under the table, this thing should
actually work under normal conditions).

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