[rc5] progress

Eagle eagle at anu.net
Sat Nov 1 14:16:38 EST 1997

So? I don't care. I'm just 13. but I still have 2 fast PPC's workin on it
day and night... BTW I think I am the only one out of my friends who HAS a
computer. 4 even.
but don't forget: people will be getting faster and faster computers, don't
do your calculations on 250mhz PPC's or wintels... because pretty soon
(even now) chips are getting real fast...


>Anything over 25,000 days is going to exceed the life expectancy of
>everyone except the 12-year-olds among us.  So, instead of fretting about
>it, and continuing this silly thread, why don't YOU (the reader, not
>just Eric) go recruit another computer NOW! :)
>No, I mean it, go tell someone to join.
>Then find someone else.
>And they tell two friends, and so on, and so on...

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