[rc5] RC5 Chips?

Dave Zarzycki zarzycki at ricochet.net
Sat Nov 1 09:42:56 EST 1997

On 11/1/97 9:05 AM, Brian B. Burton (brian at burtons.com) wrote:

>Aren't you wasting your time? I don't mean this in an offensive way, but el
>cheapo PowerPC chips crank out keys checked... A 200Mhz 603e chip can do
>550Kk/sec. These chips cost around $150? Why not build a PCI board with 12
>empty sockets for $100-200. Then add PowerPC chips as needed. A full board
>would do 6600Kk/sec for $2000, a starter board would do 1100Kk/sec for $500,
>with an extra 550Kk/sec for every $150 spent. Plus, You could probably
>reprogram the 603e chips to do different things later. 

Sigh... Why that won't work.

Reason number one: PowerPC chips, by default could not be used in a 
socket. They need to be soldered on to something. Hence a board needs to 
be made. Translation $$$

Reason number two: FPGAs cost a fraction of the price and offer more bang 
for the buck.

Reason number three: You can't reprogram CPU chips, only the software. 
The advantage of FPGAs is that they are reprogramable at the hardware 

There are probably more reasons, but you get the idea.


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