[rc5] RC5 Chips?

Ryan Dumperth woodie at indy.net
Sat Nov 1 12:50:19 EST 1997

>Aren't you wasting your time? I don't mean this in an offensive way, but el
>cheapo PowerPC chips crank out keys checked... A 200Mhz 603e chip can do
>550Kk/sec. These chips cost around $150? Why not build a PCI board with 12
>empty sockets for $100-200. Then add PowerPC chips as needed. A full board
>would do 6600Kk/sec for $2000, a starter board would do 1100Kk/sec for $500,
>with an extra 550Kk/sec for every $150 spent. Plus, You could probably
>reprogram the 603e chips to do different things later.
>The Great BrianB

You can't "program" a PowerPC chip period. What you are talking about is a
software solution with CPUs that just aren't doing anything else. We
already have this basic functionality in the existing Mac client. If you
have two or four processors, every processor besides the master will be
running RC5 exclusively, for a > 1.0 speed increase per processor added. We
already have custom software that runs on generic chips. This thread,
however, is about building the RC5 algorithm into a custom chip.

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