[rc5] RC5 Chips?

Michael Conwell mbcwam at anet-stl.com
Sat Nov 1 11:56:21 EST 1997

>Michael Conwell <mbcwam at anet-stl.com> wrote:
>>the MacOS needs ASICs and ROMS and currently doesn't handle
>No, actually the MacOS can handle up to 4 processors (maybe more) -
>but applications need special support for multiprocessing (the RC5
>client happens to have such support).

The MacOS only handles upto 4 processors with a DayStar hack that tries to
offload separate program processes to separate processors.  It doesn't
alway work.  Unless the OS is optimized for multiprocessors, then you still
have 1 processor handling all I/O, etc.  In essence the OS will run on 1
processor and send tasks to other processors if the the program is coded to
do so and if conditions are right.

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