[rc5] RC5 Chips?

Ryan Dumperth woodie at indy.net
Sat Nov 1 13:28:55 EST 1997

The person working on the project detailed on that page is working with
donated, FREE FPGAs from his school. He is not talking about building a fab
plant and cranking out cards for the entire effort. If someone else wants
to implement what he has done, he'll share everything he has done. No one
is realistically suggesting that we manufacture hardware. That url is about
one person working through school to add a few Mkeys through a hardware
solution that has as much to do with learning and tackling a challenge as
it does with cracking RC5.

Discussion of how much money is too much money for new hardware is really
irrelevant, since this whole project is founded on the idea of maximizing
the equipment everyone has already. Don't badmouth a hardware trial because
the market value of the donated materials exceeds what you would pay out of
pocket. The hardware he has been given access to is hot really what he
needs to do the job best, but it's sitting idle, and it's free. I think
we're all for tuning junk into kkeys.

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