[rc5] RC5 Chips?

Josh Goins joshg at newwave.net
Sat Nov 1 17:14:26 EST 1997

James Mastros wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Michael Conwell wrote:
> > Using mult-purpose CPUs would be dumb.  First you'd have to Fab a board.
> > Plus you'd need a OS that can multitask among 12 chips...
> [snip]
> > and I don't think Linux will handle 12 processors either.
> Yep, it will.
>         -=- James Mastros

16 actually.

Denying millions of law-abiding people the use of a legitimate 
and increasingly necessary security product for "law enforcement" 
reasons is like banning deadbolt locks because they make it a 
little harder to kick down the doors of a few drug dealers.

                           CONRAD BURNS,
                           U.S. Senator (R-Mont.),
                                from a letter to the Washington Post
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