[rc5] buff-out cross-platform incompatibilities?

lunaslide lunaslyd at pacbell.net
Sun Nov 2 00:06:53 EST 1997

At 07:09 AM 11/1/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm in a bind!
>Under the 56 bit client, we could share buffers across platforms on the
>server.  Under the 64 bit client, every time our buff-out file is hit by
>a 95/NT/Dos client, the Mac machine that dumps the blocks cannot use the
>I've a gazillion blocks to dump (wellll... ~400 or so) from the x86
>boxes.  :(

There's a few different file utilities for Mac that let you change the
creator and type of a file in the file's resource fork.  Filetyper is one
of them.  I had this same problem till I restored the creator and file
type.  After that, the Mac client should have no problem.

I know it sounds like a lot of maintenence, but you _could_ write an
AppleScript to automate the task.  Set it up to watch that file and when it
gets accessed by network clients, restore the file.  The change does no
harm to the data in the file.  It's like doing a chown on a unix file, only
different :-)

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