[rc5] uncommon dangers

Brian Wilson wilsonb at mindspring.net
Sun Nov 2 07:10:22 EST 1997

I'd just hooked the monitor up to the 486/66 I've got dedicated
to Bovine, and I noticed something interesting.. the keyrate
has been completely solid (~61,695 keys/sec), but the total 
keyrate was much lower (~56,000 keys/sec).  Being the curious
sort, I looked through my logfile, and found one keyblock that
had taken over _thirteen_hours_ to check (instead of the normal
blindingly fast 1:12:30)...  hehe... about 5400 keys/sec.  
Wondering what happened... near as I can tell (based on the time
listed) one of my kittens was climbing around the computer
and hit the 'pause' button on the keyboard.  Roughly half a day
later, another kitten came along and hit another key, unpausing
the machine.  Or maybe I hit another key.  Who knows.

The moral of this story is: on older systems dedicated to rc5,
do yourself a favor and unhook the keyboards.  *grin*


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