[rc5] Mac dumping blocks from PCs

grub grub at grub.net
Sun Nov 2 08:02:18 EST 1997

>>Under the 56 bit client, we could share buffers across platforms on the
>>server.  Under the 64 bit client, every time our buff-out file is hit by
>>a 95/NT/Dos client, the Mac machine that dumps the blocks cannot use the

>There's a few different file utilities for Mac that let you change the
>creator and type of a file in the file's resource fork.  Filetyper is one
>of them.  I had this same problem till I restored the creator and file
>type.  After that, the Mac client should have no problem.

Long since done.
However, I believe the Mac RC5-64 client only looks for the file names
in the same folder as the program itself.  I've taken raw "BUFF-OUT.RC5"
files from a PC, renamed it to "buff-out" and they dumped fine (under
the RC5-56 client).
Under the old client, I would use PC files on our server (so the wintel
machines could crunch) and make aliases to them called "BUFF-IN" and
"BUFF-OUT".  That worked 100% for use (I've passed this info to Seth D.
a while back)

Once a wintel rc5-64 client has added to (or created) the out file, the
Mac client cannot dump it.  It connects to a proxy and sits there.  The
Mac client also cannot add to the out file after a wintel box has
modified it, which was _never_ a problem under the 56 bit clients.

Interestingly, a mac-suppled BUFF-IN.RC5 works perfectly well with the
wintel clients.

Maybe Andrew Meggs can supply a solution?  This is, after all, why we a
re paying him the "big bucks"!  ;-)

Sigh over 600 blocks and nowhere to dump them  :( 

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