[rc5] Why do we do this?

Ranjit Annamalai rxa21 at po.cwru.edu
Sun Nov 2 15:06:42 EST 1997

On the RC5 Chips/FPGA thread someone posted a web page


which was a study about minimal key lengths for security.  I've cut and
pasted the last line of the table.  It gives an example organization,
what they would need to spend, the type of chips they would use, the
time it would take to crack 40bit encryption, the time it would take to
crack 56bit encryption (the parentheses is the amount spent to crack
each key) and the last number is the recommend key length to send secure
info when faced with such an organization.

Intelligence Agency $300M ASIC .0002 seconds ($0.001) 12 seconds ($38)

Anyone remember what the how much congress budgeted for black programs?

Kevin van Haaren wrote:


> time it took us to break RC5 probably tells them that RC5-56 is TOO
> STRONG.  They'd actually have to spend money to crack RC5 - something
> they don't want to do.  Remember we had the advantage of a known phrase

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