[rc5] buff-out cross-platform incompatibilities?

Paul McGrane savoytruffle at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 2 17:06:24 EST 1997

>There's a few different file utilities for Mac that let you change the
>creator and type of a file in the file's resource fork.  Filetyper is 
>of them.  I had this same problem till I restored the creator and file
>type.  After that, the Mac client should have no problem.
>I know it sounds like a lot of maintenence, but you _could_ write an
>AppleScript to automate the task.  Set it up to watch that file and 
when it
>gets accessed by network clients, restore the file.  The change does no
>harm to the data in the file.  It's like doing a chown on a unix file, 
>different :-)

There's a handy little utility called Script-A-File, written a while ago 
(1994) by Danny Goodman as a MacUser exclusive. By selecting certain 
functions and entering stuff into a few fields, it can write an 
AppleScript for you that can perform a variety of tasks, all without any 
scripting on the user's part. And one of the many options is to change a 
file's type/creator codes. 

I  think it generally creates applets to drag and drop files on, so you 
might have to tweak it manually for it to monitor a folder (oh no, real 
work! :^)

Go get it

...Paul McGrane
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