[rc5] Blocks

Joseph Fisk joe at rm405n-a.roberts.fit.edu
Mon Nov 3 03:02:03 EST 1997

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Scott Farrand wrote:

> > 
> > I have a Ppro II off network.
> > I would like to have it cracking the rc5.
> > The problem is that I have access in that computer once a week.
> > If i give it 200 blocks(the maximun fetching) than after two days it
> > will have completed them.
> > I would like the buff-in to contain let's say 1000 blocks.
> > How can I do it?
> don't know about buffering 1000 blocks, but you can run it in "off line mode" 
> which doesn't even try access the net, after its completed its 200 blocks,
> it generates random blocks...

You could fetch 200 blocks, rename the buff-in file, fetch 200 more, and
so on.  Then write a script that swaps buff-in and buff-out files when
buff-in is empty.  A lot of work I suppose.

I also think 200 blocks isn't enough.  It should be one or two thousand


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