[rc5] Processor Core Autoselection

dan carter daniel.carter at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Mon Nov 3 18:00:51 EST 1997

On Sun, 02 Nov 1997 22:39:12 -0500, Ranjit Annamalai wrote:

>Scott Farrand wrote:
>> >
>> > I am using a 200 MHz pentium mmx, but when I let the client autoselect
>> > the cpu core,
>> > it chooses AMD/Cyrix.
>> I tend to see a K5-166 getting auto-detected as a 486/386... or something like
>> that...
>I was under the impression that AMD never came out with a true Pentium. 
>They were working on a K5 but killed it and just went to K6.  In the
>meantime they took their 486 and made some mods to it.  So I guess this
>would be the right core.

AMD have a 5x86 P75 aka souped up 486 at 133MHz
and they have 5K86 aka K5, which is generally regarded as pentium
lastly there's the K6 which incoporates allot of stuff from NexGen, who
they acquired.

The real question is what do you mean by 'equivalent'.
If you mean equivalent technical architecture then im not sure about
the K5, but the 6x86 is way ahead of the pentium.
If you mean equivalent performance, then look at their P rating. The
souped up 486 is equivalent to a Pentium 75 (or a p100 when oc :}) the
K5-PR166 is equivalent to a Pentium-166, the 6x86 P150+ is equivalent
to a Pentium 150 etc etc
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