[rc5] Processor Core Autoselection

Paul West paulw at premier1.net
Sun Nov 2 21:35:57 EST 1997

James P Blanding wrote:
> Excerpts from mail: 3-Nov-97 Re: [rc5] Processor Core Au.. by "dan
> carter"@stonebow.ot
> > If you mean equivalent performance, then look at their P rating. The
> > souped up 486 is equivalent to a Pentium 75 (or a p100 when oc :}) the
> > K5-PR166 is equivalent to a Pentium-166, the 6x86 P150+ is equivalent
> > to a Pentium 150 etc etc
> be carefull here...i know for sure that cyrix (and possibly amd) chips
> run at a lower clock speed (maybe its internal clock
> speed...argh, cant remember) than specified by their
> "p-rating."  the p-rating is more of a marketing thing
> ...although they do have to meet some standards in order
> to be able to advertise that a chip has a particular 
> p-rating...just be careful with how you use that term 
> basically..heh

Yes, that is correct for AMD also.

My K5-133 runs at 100mhz, with a 66mhz bus (or did before I upped
it to 70/112).  For some reason the K5-100 uses the exact same settings,
so the difference must be internal to the chip.

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