[rc5] HPUX & ALPHA client request

V. Alex Brennen cirop08 at grove.ufl.edu
Mon Nov 3 09:46:03 EST 1997

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Michael Zieger wrote:

> At 14:04 03.11.97 GMT, Christopher Lyons wrote:
> Some people told me about that. I tried all their recommendations. Nothing
> helped. And on the Alpha, I even don't have the req. lib anywhere on the
> machine. That's why I'm calling for static libs included in the exe's.

  I have 8 DEC Alphas I can't run it on due to the same problem.  I think
it was compiled for a newer version of OSF1, which has the "missing"
library.  Version 3.0, where many people still run 2.3, if I'm not

Rather than send another message to the list:

  To kill the client when kill 9 won't work: kill -KILL [PID]
  still a problem?: kill -KILL 0   will kill all your processes.

 - Alex

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