[rc5] uncommon dangers

Murphy, Brian bcm at amgen.com
Mon Nov 3 09:23:56 EST 1997

I see the NSA has taken to recruiting innocent little kittens in it's
efforts to stop the advancement of cryptology in the free world.  When
will the madness end?@!#(*!@??!

	How fortunate that you caught them in the act, and were able to thwart
them yet again.  They woulda gotten away with it too if it wasn't for
those bratty kids.  Fight the power!  Down with the man!  You killed
Kenny!  You ba*tards!

	I'd take a look around your place if I were you..there's no telling
what else "they" may have done. 

Brian Murphy
Operations Analyst
Amgen, Inc.
bcm at amgen.com

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>Subject: 	[rc5] uncommon dangers
>I'd just hooked the monitor up to the 486/66 I've got dedicated
>to Bovine, and I noticed something interesting.. the keyrate
>has been completely solid (~61,695 keys/sec), but the total 
>keyrate was much lower (~56,000 keys/sec).  Being the curious
>sort, I looked through my logfile, and found one keyblock that
>had taken over _thirteen_hours_ to check (instead of the normal
>blindingly fast 1:12:30)...  hehe... about 5400 keys/sec.  
>Wondering what happened... near as I can tell (based on the time
>listed) one of my kittens was climbing around the computer
>and hit the 'pause' button on the keyboard.  Roughly half a day
>later, another kitten came along and hit another key, unpausing
>the machine.  Or maybe I hit another key.  Who knows.
>The moral of this story is: on older systems dedicated to rc5,
>do yourself a favor and unhook the keyboards.  *grin*
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