[rc5] Nintendo 64 RC5

Wes Shull wshull at scicom.com
Mon Nov 3 19:56:13 EST 1997

kmclaurin at akashic.com wrote:

<<Anyone want to turn the mips processors on inside these lil boxes to 
keys? >>

Hmm, Playstation too--aren't they both R3000-class?

I think you'd have trouble with the N64; Nintendo has a history of building 
nasty little security chips into their carts to make them hard for others 
to manufacture.

Don't forget those twin SH-2s in the Saturn!

Seriously, though, I wouldn't mind a Newton client--put that 162 MHz 
StrongARM chip to use when it's at home and plugged in...

Too bad my HP 32SII calculator only has 384 bytes of memory; not enough 
room for the expanded key table.  :(


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