[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

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Walter Taninatz at voicenet 
>> external. If they tell you don't run the client on their 
system, for 
>> whatever reason, DON'T. They may have reasons which they are 

>> uncomfortable stating publicly. 
>> Sysadmins provide a much needed service and the ones I know 
work very 
>> hard. They don't always have time to dis-assemble people's 
>> etc. If you cross them...

>uhh wrong answer Walt.  If I told you not to run something 
would you
>jsut listen to me.  Even if I was the sys admin?  If you do 
they are a
>trained dog and I have some fido snacks for you to eat.

Usually they are such well trained dogs that they are getting 
paid a lot of money to provide a valuable service.  If that 
service is not provided, their paychecks aren't either.  That 
is why they are paranoid.  System administrators are easy to 
find.  Good ones aren't.

>Have them show how the rc-64 is chaning passwords.  *laugh*  
so a before
>and after case with you there. 

Doesn't matter if rc-64 IS changing passwords.  If they say no, 
and they are truly in charge, don't do it.  You'll just piss 
them off.  They are in charge of those computers, and unless 
you own those computers and pay them to maintain those 
computers, you do what they say.

>Don't let people throw around their titles. EVER.

Sysadmin is a title.  The experience and responsibilities that 
go with it is much more.

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