[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #198

Eyal Soha barrel at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 3 23:45:15 EST 1997

First post.  =)  The info I've gathered so far can be retrieved at
http://www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~barrel/rc5.html .  I plan to update it
as time permits.

In response to BrianB's post, making that board does sound like a good
idea.  It's a function of how much people want to spend, how reuseable the
hardware is, and how fast it goes, among other things.  The thought that
maybe one day there all computers will have Programmable Logic Devices in
them already exists.  We wait eagerly.

The FPGA on PCI board is called a Borg Board, so I'm told.  And it's on an
ISA controller, I'd guess, since that's bound to be fast enough.  It's
supposed to have 4 Xilinx FPGAs on it.

Walt: The url should still be good.  I update it sometimes so if you catch
m in the middle of a write, it might barf.  Unlikely, but just hit reload?

The latest progress is that my connection in Xilinx pulled through and I
reached someone who is in charge of supplying donated equipment to schools.
 I also worked in parallel with a guy here from the Engineering Services
Group whom I met through the faculty advisor helping me by contact Xilinx,
but we just converged on one guy anyway.

The lab manager from ESG doesn't feel comfortable asking for the quantity
of chips I was looking for (128, retail cost just under $1000).  "Your
request may be up to an order of magnitude beyond what I feel comfortable
requesting for an individual project."

I start some serious schematic design and timing analysis as soon as tomorrow.

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