[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Martin C Sweitzer msew+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Nov 4 00:53:45 EST 1997

Excerpts from rc5Distrib: 3-Nov-97 RE: [rc5] Win32 GUI client .. by
"Haberlach, Adam"@testla 
> Doesn't matter if rc-64 IS changing passwords.  If they say no, 
> and they are truly in charge, don't do it.  You'll just piss 
> them off.  They are in charge of those computers, and unless 
> you own those computers and pay them to maintain those 
> computers, you do what they say.
> >Don't let people throw around their titles. EVER.
> Sysadmin is a title.  The experience and responsibilities that 
> go with it is much more.

ok am I only one just laughing my ass off right now.

You are making all these great assumptions about what a sysadmin is and
isn't.  And who these sysadmins are and are not.

The fact these guys think that RC-64 is changing passwords sorta leads
me to believe that they are absolute morons or have something personal
against RC5 cracking.

One thing that is really interesting is that all these people seem to
hold their sysadmins as demi-gods.  If the sysadmin has a good track
record then yes he should be respected.

But just like anyone in power.  you make a stupid decision based on some
brain dead theory.  You are GONE.  see ya.

This is my merriment for the week.  Wonder how many other morons will
come to the cry and defend the sysadmins when they are obviously making
biased and unfounded decisions.

Also I wonder how many of the people making such remarks are themselves
sysadmins who just need that little bit more power.

And further I wonder how many are just trained people.  Cmere boy ruff ruff.

Stand up for what is correct.  Hell you are standing up to the notion
that the current key lengths are wrong.  Why do you not just roll over
and play good trained person and say no no the current key lengths are
just fine.

*roll*  bunch of hypocrits 

msew  yeah I am in bad mood and yeah you are getting the brunt of it and
yeah you did deserve every bit of it.  Please think before you say such
silly things as that all sysadmins are great and they deserve our
respect especially when biased decisions are being made. 
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