[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

Eric Leblanc jughead at generation.net
Tue Nov 4 04:07:24 EST 1997

Martin C Sweitzer wrote:

> ok am I only one just laughing my ass off right now.
> You are making all these great assumptions about what a sysadmin is and
> isn't.  And who these sysadmins are and are not.
> The fact these guys think that RC-64 is changing passwords sorta leads
> me to believe that they are absolute morons or have something personal
> against RC5 cracking.

Maybe they are morons or don't have a clue about what RC5 is. Why don't
just educate them and show them what RC5 is about. Especially with NT
these days sysadmins are not what they used to be. It seems to me that
they put anybody in charge of IS these days 'cause NT is so easy to
learn *snort*. This make me want to barf.

Anyway, how can you change password from unpriviledged account?

> One thing that is really interesting is that all these people seem to
> hold their sysadmins as demi-gods.  If the sysadmin has a good track
> record then yes he should be respected.
> But just like anyone in power.  you make a stupid decision based on some
> brain dead theory.  You are GONE.  see ya.
> This is my merriment for the week.  Wonder how many other morons will
> come to the cry and defend the sysadmins when they are obviously making
> biased and unfounded decisions.

What would you do if you were an user and your sysadmin didn't allow you
to use RC64 on your computer? Start playing hide and seek with him? Use
a boss key on your rc5 client?

On a serious side, i have a few of my users cracking the code or looking
for mersenne prime. I know what they are doing and i close my eyes about
it. See no evil, ear no evil. When i see some of the UNIX machine with
load over 1.00 all days, i know some process is running. But what i am
coming to is : That i know what is happening. The poor smuck of a
sysadmin that can't find his ass with both hand probably don't know what
RC5 is. Ence, he think it is some sort of password cracking program.
Pretty stupid assumption IMO.
> Also I wonder how many of the people making such remarks are themselves
> sysadmins who just need that little bit more power.

Hey, you need to have a little merriment when you deal with lusers all
day. Power? Ah! If i had power, i'll kill all the lusers that screw up
their NT and win95 boxes when they install virus infested WaReZ at
lunchtime. Or what about that new TROJAN horse screensaver.Or the stupid
chainmail PenPal warning that some luser seems to send to the whole
company each week.

> And further I wonder how many are just trained people.  Cmere boy ruff ruff.

I always bring a box of dog biscuit to work. You got to train them or
they waste my time all day.

Eric Leblanc
emails: jughead at generation.net
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