[rc5] Problems with HP client

Ted Rathkopf trathkopf at bigfoot.com
Tue Nov 4 09:37:24 EST 1997

rathkopf at spider rathkopf 8192 $ model
rathkopf at spider rathkopf 8193 $ uname -a
HP-UX spider B.10.10 A 9000/800 267288391 two-user license

rathkopf at roach rathkopf 8192 $ model
rathkopf at roach rathkopf 8193 $ uname -a
HP-UX roach B.10.10 A 9000/879 1263015391 two-user license

Note that neither the 7k version or the 8k version works on either one 
of these 2 systems.  I suspect the problem is a 10.10 vs 10.20 thing, 
not a hardware thing.

Ted Rathkopf
trathkopf at bigfoot.com

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