[rc5] Nintendo 64 RC5

Nick Estes nestes at student.devry-phx.edu
Tue Nov 4 08:07:19 EST 1997

>| Now there's a good idea...an HP48G or 48GX client.  There are lots of us
>| college types with those things sitting around. 
>Not worth it.  YOu'll kill the batteries before you get the first block 
>out.  No XOR instruction, and only 5-bit ADDs, running at 2MHz (4MHz for 
>the GX).  Believe me... I thought about it.  :-)

Sure you'd kill the batteries, but some of us _like_ to waste battery power
on something like this <G>  BTW, on the 48G (and GX), there _is_ an xor
instruction, and it does up to 64 bit adds, you're probably thinking of the
42s model...


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