[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan?

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Tue Nov 4 09:23:29 EST 1997

Lots of people had much to say about sysadmins, most recently,
Martin Sweitzer had this to say:
>The fact these guys think that RC-64 is changing passwords sorta leads
>me to believe that they are absolute morons or have something personal
>against RC5 cracking.
>This is my merriment for the week.  Wonder how many other morons will
>come to the cry and defend the sysadmins when they are obviously making
>biased and unfounded decisions.

Just a few comments from this side of the fence. Many (if not most) of the
distributed.net coordinators are sysadmins ourselves. As such, the official
party line is rightfully:

"Do not run the client on any machine that you do not either own or
administrate unless you have obtained permission from someone who does do one
of those things"

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Everyone here has ignored one possibility. There's a good chance that the
sysadmins in question are *already* running a hidden client on this person's
machine and do not want their keyrate halved by the user running his or her
client. :) This, I believe, falls into the category of "reasons they do not
feel comfortable explaining to users."

Finally, Martin, I don't know what your local sysadmins have done to incur
unwarranted wrath and spite from you, but the situation is neither as absolute
nor as totalitarian as you seem to feel that it is. The day you have to tell
your boss that the payroll package didn't get backed up because a user was
running a non-supported application that you either did not detect or were
unable to disable will be the day you understand why a sysadmin may have a
slightly less flexible interpretation of your terms of service.

You and I both know that the client is perfectly harmless, but please do not
fault a sysadmin for not having the time to make that determination for

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