Quit your bitching about whining and act like an adult!RE: [rc5] Quit your whining.

Brian Greul (Exch) bbraf08 at exch-imc.b-r.com
Tue Nov 4 09:34:29 EST 1997

this silly bitching and moaning is rediculous.
We have to be inclusive and cooperative if we wish to crack this thing.
That means that some people have to not bitch so much, and others have
to not act like spoiled children with all the toys.

1. We seem to be championing the cause of openness, yet our source
remains closed?  That seems hypocritical.
2. It appears as if this was started as a off the wall project.  It
appears to have grown considerably and unexpectedly... we need to take
advantage of that and harness it.  That means that we need to begin to
think about customer service.  If the developers and organizers don't
want to listen, then they should  recruit some people to field questions
and answer inquiries.  IRC is rediculous as a means of support.  That is
like the software companies that only provided support by fax or postal
mail.  They are out of business now.  
Recruit some people to listen to bitches and gripes and deal with them
in a reasonable manner.
Post common questions and their answers to a section of the web site.
We have a database driven web server, its elementary to add more content
to it.
It could even be done via limited authorization and posts via the web.

But the point is, the below dialogue is dangerous.
It will destroy the organization and everything that the rest of us are
working for.
If you want to act like a child, then go sit in kindergarten and throw
finger paints.
Otherwise, act like an adult, work towards the goal cooperatively, not
away from it destructively.

We are after all, a science project, not a pack of gossipy girls.


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>Good... the mailing list may finally reach a reasonable size now.
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>>     Fine.  I quit.  It's taking too long to get clients so there's no
>>     point in recruiting.  It's impossible to get source to make my own
>>     clients so there's no point in recruiting.
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>>     Dealing with Bovine is like dealing with Intel, only less useful.
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>>RC5 Chip
>>>One question:
>>>How does one develop v.2 clients to use i860/i960 add-in cards
>>or FPGA
>>>components?  It's not as if I can get the source and it's not
>>as if
>>>there would be enough people with this kind of hardware to
>>justify the
>>>sudden proliferation of clients...
>>        Okey, we get the point.  You don't like the closed source
>>policy.  It is not going to change any time soon.  Give it up.
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