[rc5] What's up with the stats?

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Tue Nov 4 10:32:58 EST 1997

The stats web pages are currently offline.

There is no problem with the stats database, and the logs and updating are
all continuing unhindered.  No blocks or stats are being lost.

We have, however, grown far beyond my ability to service the demand for the
stats pages.  At our peak access times, our bandwidth requirements are
roughly five times the bandwidth I can provide and as a result, I've had to
take the pages offline during normal business hours (which for me, in CDT,
are roughly 13:00 GMT to about 23:00 GMT).

We are working hard to find a new home for the stats server which will be
able to cope with the monumental demand and expect a solution to be in
place in a matter of days.

Until that time, I apologize for the inconvenience.  Consider this a
testament to our phenomenal growth lately.

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