[rc5] Win32 GUI client is a trojan? (My last comment on this thread)

Haberlach, Adam HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu
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"Haberlach, Adam"@testla 
>> >Don't let people throw around their titles. EVER.
>> Sysadmin is a title.  The experience and responsibilities that 

>> go with it is much more.
>ok am I only one just laughing my ass off right now.

Nah, but I usually ignore the ones who laugh at such things.  I 
usually re-route their packets as well.

>You are making all these great assumptions about what a sysadmin 
is and
>isn't.  And who these sysadmins are and are not.

I have been a system administrator for a few different systems.  
I know the deal.

>The fact these guys think that RC-64 is changing passwords sorta 
>me to believe that they are absolute morons or have something 
>against RC5 cracking.

Or they are busy and don't have time to check the RC5 client.  Or 
that they don't feel like explaining viruses, trojans, and 
security models to the person in question.  They simply have 
better things to do.  Things which are important to their 
mission, and not important to yours.

>One thing that is really interesting is that all these people 
seem to
>hold their sysadmins as demi-gods.  If the sysadmin has a good 
>record then yes he should be respected.
>But just like anyone in power.  you make a stupid decision based 
on some
>brain dead theory.  You are GONE.  see ya.

That is why (Good) Sysadmins are cautious.  They don't jump into 
things which they cannot jump out of.  It is much easier to tell 
someone they cannot run an untested and untrusted piece of 
software on their computer then to clean up after them when it 
starts causing problems.

>This is my merriment for the week.  Wonder how many other morons 
>come to the cry and defend the sysadmins when they are obviously 
>biased and unfounded decisions.

Doesn't matter.  Sysadmins are in charge.

>Also I wonder how many of the people making such remarks are 
>sysadmins who just need that little bit more power.

See the above.  Sysadmins HAVE the power.

>And further I wonder how many are just trained people.  Cmere 
boy ruff ruff.

Usually very well trained people.  The average person (still) 
knows almost nothing about computers.  The average computer user 
does not know much more.  That is why sysadmins aren't usually 
tolerant of stupidity from people who think they know everything 
about computers--it is usually true stupidity, not just 
misinformation or naievete.

>Stand up for what is correct.  Hell you are standing up to the 
>that the current key lengths are wrong.  Why do you not just 
roll over
>and play good trained person and say no no the current key 
lengths are
>just fine.

Err, I don't see your reasoning here, so I won't even respond to 
this argument.

>msew  yeah I am in bad mood and yeah you are getting the brunt 
of it and
>yeah you did deserve every bit of it.  Please think before you 
say such
>silly things as that all sysadmins are great and they deserve 
>respect especially when biased decisions are being made. 

	A.  I don't care if you are in a bad mood.
	B.  I did not deserve personal attacks.
	C.  I did think before I said "silly" things.
	D.  I never said all sysadmins are great.
	E.  I never said all sysadmins deserve your respect.

	I said the following:

	System Administrators are paid to provide a service, namely the 
support of computers and networks and to make sure that they work 
as expected when they are needed.  Unless you have permission 
from someone above the Sysadmin, they have every right to tell 
you not to run the distributed.net client, as it very likely does 
not contribute to the purpose of those computer systems, and 
could possibly detract from their efficiency.

	If you attempt to do things that are against their policies, 
they usually have every right to take action to keep you from 
doing it again, usually be restricting or eliminating access to 
the computers they maintain.

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